Ensure your home’s safety, convenience and compliance with our Gas Engineer Service & Safety Certificates (CP12) in Chigwell. We specialise in solving frequent gas problems and guarantee top-notch service for your peace of mind. Trust in our expertise for reliable gas care.


If something has gone urgently wrong with your gas systems, we’re on standby in Chigwell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our qualified engineers deliver trusted, efficient solutions for urgent gas issues. Rapid response to all domestic gas emergencies.

Please note: If you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Your new go-to gas safety engineer in Chigwell

At Lawson Heating, we understand the unique gas safety needs of any residence in and around Chigwell. Our high-quality Gas Engineer Services in Chigwell cover a plethora of gas-related issues, maintaining the quality standard and issuing Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) for your home.

As Chigwell’s trusted gas safety engineer, we’re well-versed in thorough inspections, servicing and repairs, ensuring your gas appliances and systems run at peak condition and comply with current safety regulations.

Your safety and comfort are our priority. We offer tailored solutions to keep your home’s gas systems running smoothly and safely. Trust us to provide expert care and peace of mind for your family’s well-being.


Domestic gas specialist services

Contact us if you’re looking for the following:

  • Thorough gas safety inspections.
  • Gas Safety Certificates (CP12).
  • Regular boiler servicing and repairs.
  • Gas appliances such as cookers, ovens, and boiler installation.
  • Gas leak detection to prevent potential hazards.
  • Central heating system maintenance and servicing.
  • Urgent assistance for gas-related emergencies.

    We begin with a detailed evaluation of your gas appliances and piping. We meticulously check for efficiency, safety compliance, and potential risks to ensure your peace of mind.


    Trust us for reliable upkeep and extended durability of your systems. At Lawson Heating, we specialise in meticulous servicing and maintenance, targeting key issues to ensure your gas appliances operate with optimal safety and efficiency.


    Gas system faults require swift and precise repairs. From minor fixes to complete replacements, trust our expertise for optimal safety and efficiency in your home.

How our specialists different from others in Chigwell?

Lawson Heating specialists stand out in Chigwell by expertly helming gas systems from potential issues, focusing on precision and safety.

Over the years, we have rectified many errors that previous “specialists” left. Therefore, we not only know what to do but also what not to do very well.

Our approach combines thorough knowledge with meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing top-notch service and peace of mind.


Chigwell Gas Safety inspections & CP12

Lawson Heating provides exceptional Gas Safety inspections and compliant CP12 certifications in Chigwell, prioritising the security and functionality of your home’s gas systems.

Our seasoned gas engineers conduct comprehensive examinations, targeting prevalent problems like leaks, inadequate ventilation, and suboptimal system operations. We meticulously assess, fix if needed and validate your gas installations, ensuring you receive the CP12 certificate.

Trust in our detailed and professional approach, which is dedicated to protecting your household from potential gas hazards. Choose Lawson Heating for reliable and top-tier gas safety services, bringing you confidence and tranquillity with each thorough inspection.

Are you experiencing sulfur-like smells at home?

If you’re noticing a sulfur-like smell in your home, it’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore. This odour often indicates a gas leak, which can be a severe safety hazard.

We also provide comprehensive Gas Safety Certificates CP12, certifying that your gas appliances meet all safety standards. Trust us for reliable and prompt gas engineer services in Abridge.

Are your plants dying at home, no matter what you do?

Are your plants wilting despite your best efforts? It might not be your green thumb at fault – it could be your home’s gas levels. Poor ventilation and gas leaks can impact indoor air quality, affecting plant health. Connect with our expert team in Buckhurst Hill and find out if leaking gas is the issue.

Exclusive Services

Gas leak detection service in Chigwell

At Lawson Heating, we recognise the critical importance of gas safety in your home. Our specialised gas leak detection service is meticulously designed to identify and resolve gas leaks, a common yet potentially dangerous issue in Chigwell homes.

Using advanced detection methods, we pinpoint issues such as deteriorated seals, aged pipes, and improper fittings that could lead to gas leaks. Our experienced team is adept at tackling these problems, ensuring that your gas systems are compliant with safety standards and functioning optimally.

Your safety is our utmost priority. Rely on us for comprehensive checks and efficient resolutions, safeguarding your home against the risks of gas leaks. With Lawson Heating, you can rest assured that your gas systems are in the safest hands.

Insufficient heat and hot water at home?

If you’re struggling with tepid radiators and inconsistent hot water, our proficient gas engineer services in Chigwell and the surrounding areas are here to help. We specialise in diagnosing and resolving these common issues.

Trust us for detailed assessments and effective repairs, bringing steadfast warmth and comfort to your household.

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Exclusive Services

Gas cooker & hob installer service in Chigwell

Lawson Heating takes pride in offering top-tier gas cooker and hob installation services in Chigwell. Recognising the common challenges homeowners often encounter, like inefficient gas flow or incorrect installations leading to potential hazards, our team faces these issues with expertise and diligence.

Our certified gas engineers specialise in seamless installations, ensuring your gas cookers and hobs are connected flawlessly to the gas line, thus optimising performance and safety. Choose Lawson Heating for your gas appliance needs in Chigwell and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional, safe, and efficient gas installations, elevating your kitchen’s functionality and safety.

Exclusive Services

Gas system repairs & servicing

At Lawson Heating Company, we recognise the pain homeowners face when their home gas systems malfunction. Our dedicated gas engineer services focus on crucial repairs and maintenance to keep your home safe and efficient.

If you’re experiencing uneven heating or a non-functioning boiler, it can disrupt your daily comfort. We specialise in diagnosing and resolving these common yet vital issues. From addressing potential carbon monoxide hazards to fixing hob connections, our team ensures that your gas system functions optimally.

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and practical solutions, extending the life and safety of your gas appliances. Choose Lawson Heating for dependable gas system repairs and servicing, safeguarding your home against future issues and ensuring a warm, secure environment.

Gas engineer services for Chigwell Landlords and Property Developers

At Lawson Heating, we understand the unique needs of Chigwell landlords and property developers when it comes to gas safety.

Our gas engineer services are tailored to address these challenges head-on. We offer diligent Gas Safety Certificates (CP12), ensuring your properties meet legal requirements and provide a safe, efficient gas system for tenants. Trust us for reliable inspections and maintenance, safeguarding your investments and ensuring tenant well-being.

Choose Lawson Heating for dependable, efficient, and compliant gas engineering solutions.

Why you should pick Lawson Heating gas specialists?

Choose Lawson Heating for unparalleled gas engineer services in Chigwell.

Our team, certified Vaillant Advance Installers, is adept with diverse gas systems, ensuring reliable and safe solutions.

As fully insured, Gas Safe registered experts, we also offer extended warranties for your peace of mind.

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Gas Engineer FAQs

We recommend to have your gas appliances serviced annually to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

A qualified gas engineer should be Gas Safe registered, a legal requirement for anyone working with gas appliances in the UK.

No, it is not safe. Always use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any gas appliance repairs to ensure safety and compliance with legal standards.

The duration varies depending on the appliance and complexity of the installation, but a straightforward installation typically takes a few hours.

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