Ignoring routine maintenance can cause abrupt central heating and boiler failures. Contact us for swift emergency response in North-East London and South-West Essex and fix unforeseen issues quickly. Keep your home comfortable and secure. Act now, and we’ll be there shortly.

Local emergency services tackling all sorts of boiler & system issues

At Lawson Heating, we specialize in emergency central heating and boiler services near you, providing unmatched expert solutions to 100s of clients. Our team is adept at handling all sorts of boiler and system issues, ensuring your home returns to a warm and safe state as quickly as possible.

We take malfunctioning boiler and heating systems very seriously, not only because it disrupts your comfort, but can become a safety hazard. From leaking boilers and radiators that won’t heat to low pressure and system breakdowns – we’ve seen it all. That’s why we understand the urgency when your heating or hot water fails, and our responsive team is committed to resolving the issues quickly so you can return to your day.

Don’t let a faulty boiler compromise your home’s cosyness. With Lawson Heating, you choose a reliable specialist dedicated to maintaining top-tier service.

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Over 10 years of experience

Imagine waking up to a cold house on a frosty morning or, dealing with unexpected water leaks, or coming back from work on a cold winter evening just to find out that your boiler is failing to start – these are just some of the problems that can arise without regular maintenance.

Our expert team is equipped to handle everything from repairs and part replacements to system inspections, cleaning, and leak detection.

We ensure your heating systems operate at peak efficiency, conducting thorough pressure checks, radiator bleeding, and control checks. Don’t let unexpected errors escalate. Contact us today for professional assistance.


    If the problem is unknown, at this stage we expertly inspect your heating system, perform various checks and tests to identify the underlying issue.


    Following thorough inspection, we will perform any fixes on the system, replace any required parts, and perform system flushes and cleaning if needed. At this stage, we aim to optimise your system and boiler efficiency to ensure lasting warmth at your home.


    In the final testing stage of our central heating and boiler emergency service, we conduct thorough system efficiency evaluations by running various tests to ensure reliability for your home's heating system.

Central Heating and Boiler Emergencies in NE London and SW Essex

Contact us if you’re looking to quickly revert emergencies such as:

  • Comprehensive Pilot Light Solutions: We tackle frequent pilot light outages, addressing issues like faulty thermocouples or drafts.
  • Accurate Thermostat Repair: We fix inaccurate readings and malfunctioning controls for optimal temperature management.
  • Leak and Drip Rectification: Immediate action on water or gas leaks to prevent damage and hazards.
  • Pressure Problem Resolution: We expertly adjust low or high water pressure in your boiler system.
  • Noise Diagnosis and Repair: Banging, whistling, or gurgling noises are resolved, indicating and rectifying air or component issues in the system.
  • Kettling Prevention: We clear limescale or sludge buildups, enhancing efficiency and reducing ‘kettling’ noise.
  • Boiler Heating Restoration: Prompt fixes for boilers failing to heat water or radiators.
  • Unblocking Condensate Pipes: Specialized solutions for common cold weather blockages.
  • Air Removal from Systems: Ensuring even heating and quiet operation.
  • Radiator Cold Spot Elimination: We tackle sludge or air buildup for better heat distribution.
  • Leaking Pipe/Radiator Repair: Preventing water damage and maintaining system pressure.
  • Radiator Heat Improvement: Addressing inadequate heating issues.
  • Limescale Removal in Pipes: Enhancing efficiency in hard water areas.
  • Pump and Circulation Fixes: Ensuring proper heating distribution.
  • Valve Maintenance: Repair or replace stuck or leaking valves for better system control.


Our experts are on stand-by.


Ensure the safety of your systems with Gas Safety Check-Ups with Lawson Heating?

Resolve your central heating and boiler issues immediately and achieve peace of mind.

Our specialists are prepared to provide you with a rapid response and meticulous care for all your urgent heating needs in London and Essex. Please be aware that emergency rates may be higher than regular.

In addition to our extensive experience working with a variety of well-known boiler manufacturers, we are a certified Vaillant Advance Installer. (look us up by visiting the site and entering our postcode in the search bar – CM16 6LJ)

We are also fully insured, and Gas Safe registered, too. Extended warranties are also available.

Please note, if you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Contact for emergency now!

If something has gone urgently wrong with your central heating systems, we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exclusive Services

Are Lawson Heating emergency heating engineers different from others?

Over the years, Lawson Heating specialists have countered many errors that occurred due to poor past engineering activities. That’s why our emergency services stand out from others. We value integrity, and we don’t want to come back to your home. We believe in thorough checks and are confident in our expertise.

Our goal is to provide lasting solutions, not temporary fixes. We don’t rely on guesswork; instead, we blend over a decade of expertise with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every service we provide is not only efficient but also reliable.

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Emergency FAQs

We aim to respond as quickly as possible, typically within a few hours of your call. We give ourselves a 24 hour window to react to emergencies. If we cannot make it the same day - we don't accept the service.
If you smell gas, immediately turn off the gas supply, open windows, and call us or the emergency gas service.
Yes, we service all types of gas boilers, including combi, system, and conventional boilers.
To avoid emergencies we recommend an annual service to ensure your boiler is safe and efficient.

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