If you’re looking for top-notch central heating and gas boiler repair service in and around North-East London and South-West Essex, you have come to the right place. Our expert team ensures your heating system’s efficiency and safety, offering reliable local boiler repair services. Please don’t wait for emergencies; let our boiler repairmen keep your home cosy and warm.

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A faulty boiler can be very dangerous, therefore we take our work seriously. If your boiler starts to show its temperament and throws tantrums, leaving you with lukewarm radiators and no hot water on demand, it’s time for a change. You deserve better.

We’re more than just boiler repair men, we’re your community allies, dedicated to solving heating problems and beyond. Choose Lawson Heating for a reliable and efficient heating system and boiler repair service near you.

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Lawson Heating experts specialise in repairs

We understand just how much stress a broken down boiler can cause. Over the years, we have dealt with hundreds of diverse issues. As a result, we became specialists in all types of boilers and complex heating setups. Our experienced team quickly diagnoses and fixes issues, ensuring reliable heat and hot water. Don’t let a faulty boiler disrupt your day, trust our skilled technicians for top-notch service.


    We discuss the potential issues on the phone and investigate the problem when we arrive on site.


    After a thorough inspection we will complete the required work.


    We will run several tests to make sure your heating system is now optimised and will run smoothly.

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When your comfort is at stake – experts at Lawson Heating react. One of the most common things we hear over the phone is “heating and hot water not working”. – to this, experts at Lawson Heating respond promptly, ensuring your heating and hot water needs are met with unmatched expertise. No job is too small.

Tackle any heating challenge with confidence. Our central heating and gas boiler repair service covers everything from leaking boilers to radiators that won’t heat, from leaking boilers to low pressure. All boiler faults and radiator issues will be resolved, and a breakdown repair service that is second to none will be delivered.

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Exclusive Services

How Lawson Heating repair engineers differ from others?

At Lawson Heating, we look at resolving issues as we look at fine art – with care. Our team brings over a decade of diverse expertise to every job. We pride ourselves on precision and clarity, ensuring lasting results without guesswork.

As part of our service, our engineer will ensure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills and cutting your carbon footprint.

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Certified and insured service

In addition to our extensive experience working with a variety of well-known boiler manufacturers, we are a certified Vaillant Advance Installer. (look us up by visiting the site and entering our postcode in the search bar – CM16 6LJ)

We are also fully insured, and Gas Safe registered, too. Extended warranties are also available.

Trust us for a local boiler and system repair service that blends over a decade of expertise. Choose Lawson Heating for a clear, efficient, and reliable heating solution in North-East London and South-West Essex.

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If something has gone urgently wrong with your central heating systems, we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resolve your central heating and boiler issues immediately and achieve peace of mind. Our agents are prepared to provide you with a rapid response and meticulous care for all your urgent heating needs in London and Essex. Please be aware that emergency rates may be higher than regular.

Please note, if you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

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Repair FAQs

You can often re-pressurise the system yourself by following the manufacturer's instructions. However, this usually indicates a bigger problem, and if the pressure drops again, it could be because of a leak or fault that needs professional attention.
Annual servicing by a qualified engineer is recommended. We usually check for efficiency and safety, foreseeing any potential issues that could lead to repairs.
Our comprehensive boiler breakdown service should include a full inspection, diagnosis of issues, repairs, and testing post-repair to ensure the boiler is functioning correctly.
Radiators often don't heat due to trapped air or an imbalance in the system. Bleeding the radiators can release trapped air, and balancing the system can ensure even distribution of heat.

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