Providing expert Landlord Boiler Service & Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) in North East London and South West Essex. Our skilled team guarantees compliance, safety, and efficiency for your rental properties. Secure your peace of mind with certified quality. Contact us today for a reliable service.


If something has gone urgently wrong with your Gas appliances and systems, we’re on standby in North East London and South West Essex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are Gas Safe registered engineers. Contact us for prompt, expert service covering all DOMESTIC GAS EMERGENCIES.

If you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Landlord's favourite heating & gas engineer for over a decade

For over ten years, Lawson Heating has been the trusted partner for landlords in London and Essex, ensuring the safety and compliance of rental properties, offering comprehensive central heating system installations & maintenance, boiler service & gas safety certificates (CP12).

We understand the unique demands and regulations of residential heating and gas systems. Our skilled engineers prioritise identifying and resolving issues before they escalate, safeguarding your tenants and property.

Choose Lawson Heating engineers for reliable, expert service – your trusted local partner in maintaining safe, efficient heating systems in your rental properties.



Contact us for domestic services:

  • Heating & Gas System installations
  • Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Cooker & Hob Installations
  • Gas Leak Detections
  • Safety Inspections & Certificates
  • SMART Thermostat Installations

    Our experts are dedicated to ensuring that your gas appliances operate at peak efficiency.


    Maximising your property's heating efficiency by optimising your energy consumption is one of our top priorities.


    Ensuring your tenants' safety with thorough boiler checks, system inspections, repairs & maintenance and compliant gas safety certifications tailored to your unique property needs.

How Lawson Heating specialists are different than other engineers in the area?

At Lawson Heating, we stand out by addressing the core concerns of landlords: reliability, compliance, and safety. Our team specialises in thorough gas boiler servicing, heating system installations & maintenance and certified gas safety checks, ensuring each property meets legal standards with minimal hassle.

We focus on precision and simplicity, averting potential issues from the beginning, avoiding costly repairs, and providing peace of mind for both landlords and tenants. If you’re looking for an effective gas engineer service in and around North East London and South West Essex, contact us today!


Landlord Gas Safety (CP12) Certificate

Regular Gas Safety inspections, culminating in the CP12 Certificate, are not just legal requirements; they’re a cornerstone of residential safety. Therefore, it’s essential not only to stay compliant but to ensure your tenants are safe.

These thorough gas system and appliance inspections are critical to preventing hazardous incidents and ensuring a protected living environment for your tenants. Overlooking this responsibility could lead to severe legal repercussions in case of an accident.

Keeping maintenance and repair records, although not legally required, is highly recommended to uphold safety standards and demonstrate your commitment to your tenants’ welfare.


Gas Boiler Service for Landlord properties

Heating is an essential convenience in every house. As a landlord, ensuring it’s available for your tenants in all your properties is paramount.

Lawson Heating gas boiler installation, servicing, maintenance and repair services have helped hundreds of Landlords around North East London and South West Essex to maintain their gas boilers in rental properties to the highest standard and safety. Keeping the utility bills low and the tenants happy.

Our skilled team, adept in handling a range of boiler types, including but not limited to Worcester Bosh, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi, Viessmann, Alpha and many more, guarantees thorough inspections and maintenance, addressing common issues like leaks, inefficiency, and wear.

Trust us to uphold the highest safety standards, ensuring your boilers operate optimally. Choose Lawson Heating for reliable, expert service that prioritizes the safety and comfort of your tenants.


Central heating engineering service for Landlords

At Lawson Heating, we worked with a diverse clientele of landlords, therefore, we already know what’s expected of us.

Our service focuses on comprehensive landlord heating services, ensuring legal compliance, tenant safety, energy efficiency and reliable convenience in any rental property.

Our engineers cover installations, meticulous inspections, and timely maintenance and servicing, preventing problems before they arise, saving landlords from unexpected expenses and ensuring tenants’ comfort.

Trust in our expert team for thorough servicing and gas safety checks explicitly tailored for rental properties, delivering peace of mind and reliability.

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exclusive SERVICE

Gas cooker & hob installation in your rental property

It’s a no-brainer that your tenants need to eat, and most likely, they will want to cook at home. We offer reliable gas cooker and hob installation services for Landlords, ensuring a well-functioning kitchen in any rental property, optimising gas pressure and adhering to stringent safety standards.

At Lawson Heating, we excel in overseeing common issues like unstable gas flow, inefficient combustion, and safety risks beforehand. This ensures smooth installations, guaranteeing the kitchen is equipped with a reliable and efficient gas cooker and hob.

We prioritise safety and compliance, meticulously conducting installations to meet rigorous Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.

Opt for Lawson Heating for hassle-free, compliant installations, enhancing your property’s appeal and safeguarding tenant well-being.


Looking to upgrade your rental property heating controls to SMART Thermostat?

Attention Landlords! Upgrade your rental property’s heating efficiency with Lawson Heating Company’s cutting-edge SMART Thermostat installation service for Landlords.

Forget outdated property heating controls. Managing your property’s heating should be convenient and cost-effective. Our SMART Thermostat installations provide just that, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort and control.

With remote access, your tenants can adjust settings from anywhere, ensuring a comfortable environment while optimising energy use. Plus, this upgrade enhances property value and contributes to a greener footprint. Choose Lawson Heating for a seamless transition to smarter, more efficient heating solutions in your rental properties.

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At Lawson Heating, we value building lasting and trusting relationships that benefit all four parties. The government for regulation compliance, the tenant for safety and convenience, the Landrod for peace of mind and us for lasting business friendships.

Don’t hesitate to call us to handle your gas needs thoroughly at your property. Our team is ready to promptly address any issues, offering reliable solutions and precise, fixed-price repair quotes.

With our 12-month guarantee on workmanship and materials, landlords can have confidence in the safety and compliance of their properties. Our flexible scheduling accommodates your convenience, ensuring a swift and professional service.

Commitment to quality

At Lawson Heating, our commitment to quality is unparalleled. We focus on precision, safety, and efficiency, ensuring every call-out meets rigorous standards for safety, optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Fully trained

Our fully trained gas engineers excel in ensuring the safety and precision of gas appliances, addressing common challenges with expertise to deliver reliable service.

Insured service

Remain assured with our insured gas repair services, ensuring your household is safe – hassle-free.

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Landlords FAQs

It's a certification that confirms gas appliances in your property are safe and compliant with UK safety standards.

Yes, it's legally required to have them in any room with a gas appliance.

Typically, it's the Landlord's responsibility, but arrangements can be made with tenants if agreed upon in the lease.

Yes, new boilers typically come with a manufacturer's warranty, but terms can vary.

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