Elevate your High Beech residence with expert central heating and boiler solutions. Enjoy lasting comfort and a reliable hot water supply all year round. Contact our skilled local team for exceptional installation and upkeep services.


If something has gone urgently wrong with your central heating systems, we’re servicing High Beech 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please be aware that emergency call-out rates may be higher than regular.

If you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Your friendly neigbourhood High Beech central heating engineer

At Lawson Heating, we’re dedicated to ensuring your home radiates warmth and comfort. Specialising in advanced boiler technology and central heating systems, our focus is on creating a cosy atmosphere tailored to the unique needs of High Beech residences.

Our skilled team, known for meticulous craftsmanship, pledges to deliver precise, neighbourly service, improving your living space with top-notch gas boilers and heating solutions. Your comfort remains our year-round commitment.

Choose Lawson Heating for reliable and expert heating services in High Beech. Let us elevate your home comfort today with our trusted heating expertise.


All-round heating system & boiler solutions

Contact us if you’re looking for domestic central heating system services:

  • System & Boiler Installations
  • System & Boiler Maintenence / Servicing
  • System & Boiler Repairs
  • Gas Safety Check-Ups & Certificates
  • Smart Thermostat Installation
  • Emergencies

    We will expertly asses your home's heating needs and current system and meticulously plan the most efficient and effective heating solution tailored just for you and your property.


    Our expert team delivers seamless boiler and heating system installations or maintenance, optimising your home’s warmth with the highest efficiency and minimal disruption. Experience the difference with Lawson Heating.


    After installation or maintenance, heating engineers test the system to ensure it operates efficiently and safely. This includes checking for leaks, ensuring proper thermal output, and meeting all safety protocols.

How Lawson Heating specialists differ from other High Beech engineers?

Lawson Heating stands out in High Beech because we fixed 100s of problematic heating systems and boilers left by our predecessor engineers.

So, if you’re looking to transform your complex heating systems into user-friendly solutions, contact us for our extensive experience, precision and ease of use in every installation.

Specialist Services

Efficient heating system & gas boiler installation services in High Beech

Lawson Heating specialises in installing and servicing central heating and gas boilers with a focus on efficiency and ease of use. Our expert team ensures top-quality, straightforward solutions tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Drawing on our extensive experience, our focus in High Beech is to deliver heating services that stand out for their clarity and precision. Choose Lawson Heating for a heating system that integrates simplicity with exceptional quality, ensuring a warm, comfortable home.

Insufficient heat and hot water at home?

Are you experiencing inconsistent heat or fluctuating hot water in your home? It might indicate your ageing boiler is losing efficiency. Upgrading to a modern, more effective unit can resolve these issues, ensuring reliable, uniform warmth and hot water supply. Don’t let an outdated boiler disrupt your comfort.

Is your boiler making odd noises?

If you’re noticing odd noises such as popping, hissing, or knocking emanating from your boiler, seeking professional help is crucial. These sounds typically indicate problems such as accumulations of deposits, resulting in irregular water flow. Our skilled engineers are qualified to quickly identify the issue and decide if repairs or a complete boiler replacement are necessary.


Gas boiler maintenance & heating system servicing for lasting effect

We are champions of meticulous maintenance and servicing for your gas boiler and central heating system before anything else. By servicing your heating systems, we make sure that you won’t need to use our emergency services. We focus on ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Our expertise with premium boiler brands guarantees thorough, reliable care for your home’s warmth and comfort.

Choose Lawson Heating for dependable, transparent service – enhancing your system’s longevity without any hidden fees. Experience professional, approachable service for your heating essentials.

Have you noticed that your boiler leaks and drips?

Drips or leaks from your boiler aren’t just an inconvenience. It signals more profound problems. Act quickly to prevent these from growing into larger, more expensive issues. Our central heating and boiler service ensures your home stays warm and secure.

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Have you noticed leaks and sudden pressure drops in your central heating system?

If you’re facing leaks or unexpected pressure drops in your central heating system, it’s vital to address these promptly. These problems could stem from several sources within the system, including the boiler or radiators and evolve into more extreme issues that may damage your property.

Exclusive Services

Boiler & heating systems repairs in High Beech

Trust Lawson Heating specialists for expert boiler and central heating repairs. Our skilled team, backed by numerous positive reviews, ensures your home remains a warm and comfortable haven year-round.

We understand the frustrations of a failing heating system, especially on cold winter evenings. Opt for Lawson Heating not just for repairs but for the assurance of a consistently efficient heating system. Experience the convenience of quick, responsible service perfectly heated to suit every season.

Exclusive Services

High Beech gas safety checks and certificates

At Lawson Heating, we are committed to ensuring the safety and optimal performance of your central heating and boiler systems in High Beech and the surrounding areas. Our team excels in conducting detailed gas safety inspections and issuing professional certifications.

Our expertise in handling potential risks and persistent dedication to upholding superior service standards make us your trusted choice for safeguarding your home’s heating systems.

Are you an active Landlord or Property Developer in the area?

Landlords and property developers know the importance of reliable and efficient central heating and boiler services. Whether managing multiple properties or developing new residential projects, expert heating solutions are always in demand. Our team, with its specialisation in central heating and boiler systems, ensures your properties are equipped with top-tier heating services. From installation to regular maintenance and prompt repairs, we focus on providing a warm and welcoming environment for your tenants or new homeowners. Reach out for tailored heating services that meet the unique requirements of your properties in High Beech.

Exclusive Services

Fast SMART Thermostat installations in High Beech and the surrounding areas

We understand the crucial role of a reliable and efficient heating system-controlling device. That’s why we promote smart thermostat installation services thoroughly: Your home deserves to be equipped with the latest technology.

Ensuring your home is comfortable year-round. This upgrade enhances temperature control and optimises energy usage, leading to potential savings. Trust us to provide a tailored solution that addresses your specific heating needs.

Why you should pick Lawson Heating engineering services?

In addition to our extensive experience working with a variety of well-known boiler manufacturers and complex heating systems in and around High Beech, we are a certified Vaillant Advance Installer. (look us up by visiting the site and entering our postcode in the search bar – CM16 6LJ)

We are fully insured and Gas Safe registered, too. Extended warranties are also available.


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Central Heating FAQs

Absolutely, we can provide advice and solutions to improve your home's heating efficiency, such as upgrading to a more efficient boiler or improving insulation.
We recommend to have your boiler and systems serviced annually to ensure it's operating safely and efficiently.

We work on a variety of gas boiler brands and types, including combi boilers. Our expertise extends to working with most major boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi, Viessmann, Alpha and more ensures your home will remain warm and cosy for as long as possible.

The time for installation can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the specific requirements of the property, but it typically takes from one to several days.

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