We offer expert central heating and boiler services in North Weald Basset, addressing your unique needs with efficient solutions and high-quality maintenance. Trust us for reliable heating in your home.


If something has gone urgently wrong with your central heating systems, we’re servicing North Weald Basset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We specialise in restoring your central heating to peak performance, ensuring a fast return to the usual. Trust our expert team for prompt, efficient emergency heating system repairs.

Please note, that emergency call-out rates may be higher than regular.

If you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Central heating engineers in North Weald Basset

Our expertise in central heating and boiler services ensures your home stays warm and efficient all year round. Our dedicated engineers specialise in maintaining, repairing, and installing a range of heating systems and appliances, focusing on delivering simple solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each residence.

We understand the diverse challenges of keeping homes comfortably heated to detail and are committed to providing reliable, high-quality service to address these needs. Trust us for your heating solutions in North Weald Basset – we’re here to ensure your system runs smoothly and effectively.


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Lawson Heating services in North Weald Basset include:

  • System & Boiler Installations
  • System & Boiler Maintenence / Servicing
  • System & Boiler Repairs
  • Gas Safety Check-Ups & Certificates
  • Smart Thermostat Installation
  • Emergency Call-Outs

    We will expertly asses your home's heating needs and current system and meticulously plan the most efficient and effective heating solution tailored just for you and your property.


    Our expert team delivers seamless boiler and heating system installations or maintenance, optimising your home’s warmth with the highest efficiency and minimal disruption. Experience the difference with Lawson Heating.


    At this stage, our expert engineers rigorously test and assess your heating and boiler systems post-installation or repair service, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety compliance.

How do Lawson Heating engineers differ from others in the area?

Our local engineers at North Weald Basset stand out from the crowd for their meticulous approach to central heating and boiler services.

Unlike others, we delve deep into the core issues, ensuring every system we handle is optimised for efficiency and longevity. Our team is skilled in identifying and resolving the unique heating challenges specific to the North Weald Bassett area, providing tailored solutions that cater to each home’s needs.

PRO Services

North Weald Basset central heating system & gas boiler installation services

Our central heating and gas boiler installation services are known for their reliability and expertise. We specialise in optimising your home’s comfort and efficiency with top-of-the-line central heating systems and gas boilers.

Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions, addressing the unique challenges of any individual household in North Weald Basset.

Trust us for seamless installations and comprehensive service, ensuring your heating needs are met with precision and care. Choose us for a warm, comfortable home environment all year round.

Is your boiler making odd noises?

Is your boiler making strange sounds? – No, it’s not ghosts or lost souls trapped in your house. Don’t ignore it! These noises often indicate underlying issues.

Our expertise in central heating and combi and other type of gas boilers means we’re well-equipped to handle any challenges your system might face. Whether a minor adjustment or a more significant repair, we’re committed to ensuring your boiler operates smoothly and efficiently.

Low heat and no hot water at home?

Struggling with low heat or no hot water at home? This frustrating situation typically points to issues with your central heating or boiler. It’s a common problem that requires prompt and skilled attention to ensure your home’s comfort and functionality are restored efficiently.

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Gas boiler maintenance & system servicing in North Weald Basset

We offer top-notch gas boiler maintenance and system servicing, ensuring your home stays warm and your system runs efficiently.

We’re committed to providing thorough inspections, efficient maintenance, and swift repairs, addressing common issues like wear and tear, efficiency losses, and system malfunctions.

Trust us for reliable upkeep and swift solutions to all your central heating and boiler needs. Keep a cosy home in North Weald Basset with our local expert services.

Have you noticed that your boiler leaks and drips?

A leaking or dripping boiler can be a sore issue, signalling potential problems in your central heating system.

Our team, highly skilled in central heating and boiler services, is adept at diagnosing the root cause of leaks and drips. Whether it’s a faulty valve, corrosion, or pressure issues, we ensure a swift and effective solution.

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Have you noticed leaks and sudden pressure drops in your central heating system?

Leaks and pressure drops in your central heating system can be troubling.

These issues not only reduce the system’s efficiency but also can lead to higher energy bills and potential damage to your property.

Our expert team specialises in diagnosing and resolving these problems, ensuring your heating and boiler systems function optimally. Trust us to maintain the comfort and safety of your home.

PRO Services

Lasting boiler & heating systems repair services in North Weald Basset

At Lawson Heating Company, we understand the standard homeowners’ challenges with central heating and boiler issues. This is why our team offers premier central heating and boiler repair services, expertly catering to the unique needs of your property.

From breakdowns and inefficiencies to unusual noises, we’re equipped to tackle anything that comes your way. Whatever the issue, bland or complex, ensuring your home remains cosy and well-heated is our top priority. Rely on us for enduring solutions and a service that blends technical excellence with a personalised, friendly approach.

Exclusive Services

Check your Gas Safety in North Weald Basset and get certificates

Our expertise extends to ensuring your gas safety, which is crucial for every home. Regular checks and maintenance are vital in preventing common issues like gas leaks, inefficient heating, and unexpected breakdowns.

We provide thorough inspections and certification, giving you peace of mind that your gas systems are compliant and safe. Our dedicated team ensures that your central heating system operates at peak efficiency, safeguarding your home and ensuring warmth, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Trust us for reliable, expert services in North Weald Basset.

For North Weald Basset Landlords and Property Developers

For landlords and property developers in CM16 postcode, we offer reliable and efficient central heating engineering and boiler services. Contact us for expert solutions for your rental properties and new developments. Our expertise in servicing and maintaining boilers ensures your properties are warm, safe, and compliant with regulations.

Trust us for timely, professional service that keeps your tenants comfortable and your investments secure.

Exclusive Services

SMART Thermostat installations in North Weald Basset

We understand the importance of efficient and reliable central heating systems. That’s why our expert team offers top-notch SMART Thermostat installation services, ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable.

We specialise in smart thermostat installations, a game-changer for controlling your heating system. With this technology, you can easily manage your home’s temperature, leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced heating bills.

Our focus on tackling common heating issues like uneven heating, frequent breakdowns, and high energy consumption ensures. That your system runs smoothly. Trust us to provide tailored solutions for your central heating needs in North Weald Basset.

Why you should pick Lawson Heating
engineering services in North Weald Basset?

In addition to our extensive experience working with a variety of well-known boiler manufacturers and complex heating systems in and around the North Weald Basset area, we are a certified Vaillant Advance Installer. (look us up by visiting the site and entering our postcode in the search bar – CM16 6LJ)

We are also fully insured, and Gas Safe registered, too.

Extended warranties are also available.


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Central Heating FAQs

Absolutely, we can provide advice and solutions to improve your home's heating efficiency, such as upgrading to a more efficient boiler or improving insulation.
We recommend to have your boiler and systems serviced annually to ensure it's operating safely and efficiently.

We work on a variety of gas boiler brands and types, including combi boilers. Our expertise extends to working with most major boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi, Viessmann, Alpha and more ensures your home will remain warm and cosy for as long as possible.

The time for installation can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the specific requirements of the property, but it typically takes from one to several days.

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