At Lawson Heating, we specialise in solving your central heating and boiler issues with expertise. From efficient repairs to reliable maintenance, we ensure your home stays warm and comfortable all year round.


If something has gone urgently wrong with your central heating systems, we’re servicing South Woodford and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rapidly resolving central heating and boiler issues. Contact our skilled technicians for swift and reliable emergency repairs, restoring your system’s efficiency and comfort.

Please note, that emergency call-out rates may be higher than regular.

If you suspect a leaking gas main outside your home, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999.

Your trusted heating engineers in South Woodford

At Lawson Heating in South Woodford, our prowess in central heating and gas boiler services is unmatched. We understand that the issues in every home are unique, however, the technical complexities are very similar. That said, we are expertly versed in tackling problems like uneven heating, noisy boilers, system inefficiencies and many more. Our commitment is to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions, ensuring your residence stays comfortably warm.

Entrust us with your heating requirements; we’re dedicated to precise, swift and functional service. We are the premier choice for South Woodford residents, guaranteeing peace of mind and top-tier service every time. Choose Lawson Heating for a warm home and exceptional service.


Expert domestic heating system & boiler engineering services

Lawson Heating services in South Woodford include:

  • System & Boiler Installations
  • System & Boiler Maintenence / Servicing
  • System & Boiler Repairs
  • Gas Safety Check-Ups & Certificates
  • Smart Thermostat Installation
  • Emergency Call-Outs

    We assess your home's specific needs and provide personalised quote to ensure optimal central heating and boiler solutions for your residence.


    Depending on the requirement, this step involves either installing new heating systems or conducting maintenance on existing ones. This includes fitting boilers, radiators, and pipes and ensuring everything is connected and functioning correctly.


    At this stage, our expert engineers rigorously test and assess your heating and boiler systems post-installation or repair service, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety compliance.

Are your specialists different from others in the area?

What distinguishes Lawson Heating from others is that we aim to deliver simple central heating and boiler services marked by practicality and clarity. We know what faulty systems and poor previous engineering work look like because we fixed many. Over the years, our skilled engineers have transformed a number of complex systems into streamlined, user-friendly solutions. Which equipped us with expert knowledge in our field of work.

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South Woodford central heating system & gas boiler installation services

We specialise in central heating systems and gas boiler installations, tailored to your home’s unique needs. We understand the challenges of maintaining a comfortable, energy-efficient home in this area.

Our expert team is equipped to handle typical issues such as uneven heating, frequent breakdowns, and outdated systems. Whether a new installation or an upgrade, we ensure seamless service, prioritising your safety and comfort. Trust us for reliable solutions that enhance your living space, keeping you warm and stress-free all year round.

Insufficient heat and hot water at home?

As boilers grow older, their performance may decline, resulting in uneven heating and variable water temperatures within your residence. If you’re experiencing unstable hot water temperatures or a lag in heating response, it could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient boiler. This will help maintain steady and comfortable warmth in your home.

Is your boiler making odd noises?

Have you encountered strange noises from your boiler, like popping, hissing, or knocking? These could signal internal deposit build-ups, disrupting water flow. Contact our experienced central heating engineers for swift diagnosis.

We’ll assess whether a repair or a boiler replacement is the right fix for your home. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to keeping your heating systems running smoothly and quietly.

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Gas boiler maintenance & system servicing in South Woodford

Maintaining the health of your central heating system and boiler is crucial. At Lawson Heating, we specialise in meticulous gas boiler maintenance and servicing, ensuring your system runs smoothly and safely.

Trust us for thorough inspections, timely repairs, and professional advice to keep your heating system in top condition. Choose us and prepare for those chilly months in South Woodford.

If you noticed that your boiler leaks and drips

If your boiler leaks, it’s not just a regular inconvenience but a sign of potential issues. Timely repairs can prevent the development of more significant problems, ensuring your home stays warm and safe and your wallet is full. Contact our experts for a swift and reliable service.

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Noticing leaks and sudden pressure drops in your heating system?

These problems can arise from different areas, including your boiler, radiators, or piping. Addressing them promptly is essential to keep your system running smoothly. Our extensive expertise with 100s of errors reversed throughout the years. Get quick, efficient solutions focused on maintaining maximum comfort at your home.

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Expert boiler & heating systems repair services in South Woodford

At Lawson Heating Company, we understand the vital role a well-functioning boiler and heating system plays in your home.

Specialising in expert repairs, our team fiercely resolves issues like irregular heating, noisy boilers, and sudden breakdowns with precision and care. Whether it’s a routine maintenance or an emergency fix, we ensure your comfort with swift, reliable solutions.

Trust us to keep your central heating and gas boilers running smoothly, enhancing efficiency and prolonging their lifespan. Experience peace of mind with our dedicated service, tailored specifically to meet the unique heating needs of South Woodford residents.

Exclusive Services

South Woodford gas safety checks & certificates

Safety is at the top of our importance list. That’s why our comprehensive gas safety checks and certificates are essential for every home.

Our expert team, deeply familiar with the nuances of central heating and gas boilers, ensures your systems are operating safely and efficiently. We meticulously inspect for leaks, malfunctions, and compliance with the latest safety standards. Don’t overlook the importance of safety checks. They prevent common issues like carbon monoxide leaks and system breakdowns, safeguarding your family. Trust us to provide peace of mind with our thorough, reliable gas safety services because your safety is our commitment.

For Landlords and Property Developers in the area

Are you a Landlord with an extensive property portfolio, with no one looking after your heating? Perhaps you’re a property developer building a new community and looking for a reliable heating installation service? Well, look no further, you’ve landed at the right place.

Our experienced engineers provide high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services, ensuring your clients or tenants enjoy a warm, comfortable environment. Trust us to deliver exceptional heating solutions that align with your unique requirements.

Exclusive Services

SMART Thermostat installations in South Woodford

In South Woodford, savvy homeowners increasingly turn to SMART thermostats for their central heating systems.

As an experienced heating engineer and gas boiler specialist, I understand the importance of maintaining an efficient, cost-effective heating setup. SMART thermostat installations offer precise control over your home’s temperature, leading to enhanced comfort and reduced energy bills.

Common issues like uneven heating and unnecessary energy consumption become things of the past. Trust in professional installation for a seamless, smart home upgrade.

Why you should pick Lawson Heating
engineering services

In addition to our extensive experience working with a variety of well-known boiler manufacturers and complex heating systems in and around the South Woodford area, we are a certified Vaillant Advance Installer. (look us up by visiting the site and entering our postcode in the search bar – CM16 6LJ)

We are also fully insured, and Gas Safe registered, too.

Extended warranties are also available.


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Central Heating FAQs

Absolutely, we can provide advice and solutions to improve your home's heating efficiency, such as upgrading to a more efficient boiler or improving insulation.
We recommend to have your boiler and systems serviced annually to ensure it's operating safely and efficiently.

We work on a variety of gas boiler brands and types, including combi boilers. Our expertise extends to working with most major boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi, Viessmann, Alpha and more ensures your home will remain warm and cosy for as long as possible.

The time for installation can vary depending on the complexity of the system and the specific requirements of the property, but it typically takes from one to several days.

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